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DigitalPD for Educators Book

Digital PD for Educators

Growing and learning is a continuous process for everyone…including educators. Let us guide you through different digital professional development opportunities that can strengthen your practice and confidence in your classroom.

We offer a 20% discount for purchases of 10 or more of the same book.


This is an awesome reflection tool for driving thoughts about social media and its use in the educational space. Dr. Woods and Dr. Fecich allow the reader to reflect and take notes throughout this quick and short guide to digital media. There is rationale and reasoning provided on why using technology in the educational space is important and can be a boost for professional growth. Additionally, this book allows its readers to have a step by step look at how to get started and the nuts and bolts of having a digital presence. 


I value the work of this book and commend the authors for setting a framework for growth in a digital world. The reader will definitely benefit from this piece of great work. 


I think the #DigitalPDForEducators will be a great reference and resource.  Many people know how to use social media for their everyday lives but some people are not active on it at all.  I think the book introduces the benefits of learning and using social media to improve their networking skills.  The checklist and commandments of social media was a great way to get readers prepared and also a sign of caution.  I think readers will appreciate the breakdown of each social media source so they can focus attention on their interests.

Mr. Ryan James, Milken Award Winner (VA '17)

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