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Bringing it All Together: How We Can Make Schools Work for Everyone (Presented at the 2023 Virginia School Safety Training Forum)

July 2023

This breakout session will have participants examine the ways in which discipline, policies, and systems interact in relation to students. Participants will gain a greater understanding of how all aspects of the school system contribute to the overall school climate and student well-being and how to make all the pieces work together effectively for all students. This session will provide opportunities to reflect on current practices while incorporating strategies for improvement.

2023 Teachers of Promise

March 2023

Dig in as we explore research-based and high effective strategies, techniques, and perspectives employed by the world's most effective educators.

Guest Speaker for VCU's Edu Leadership (Administrative Internship) Class

March 2023

I was invited by Virginia Commonwealth University's (VCU) educational leadership professors to speak and create learning resources related to Master Scheduling.

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Educating Children of Color Summit (2023)

January 2023

Presentation Title: Make it Make Sense!

This breakout session will have participants examine the ways in which discipline, policies, and systems interact in relation to students. Participants will reflect on their practices while incorporating strategies for improvement.

Educator Resource Review: Creative Ways To Incorporate Media Literacy In Your Classroom

Oct. 26, 2022

I participated in a live panel discussion reviewing games and activities on the Cyber Citizenship Initiative site.

Guest Speaker for VCU's Edu Leadership (School Law) Class

Oct. 2022

I was invited by Virginia Commonwealth University's (VCU) educational leadership professors to speak and create learning resources for their aspiring Edu Leadership cohort📚📖.

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Missouri State Public Affairs Conference 2022

Sept 2022

I was a panelist for the following sessions:

- Educating for Active Citizenship in Divisive Times
- Society’s Children: Our Future, Whose Responsibility?

Episode #15: Unpacking Assumptions Through Teachable Moments (SEL in EDU Podcast)

Sept 2022

I had the opportunity to be a guest on Episode 15 of #SELinEDU! Sharing my thoughts on inclusiveness, social emotional learning, and much more!

Annenberg Learner Podcast: Episode # 13

Sept 2022

I had the opportunity to share my experience being a DEN STAR educator, my inspiration behind the "I Wanna Be" series, and give listeners a glimpse of my recent professional development course, Leading Out the Woods: Building Relationships.

KIPP Oklahoma (Literacy)

July 2022

Had the amazing opportunity to speak with KIPP Oklahoma staff (district leaders, principals, and teachers) about Educational Epiphany (the brand, impact data, and the finite strategies that can lead to improvement for student achievement).

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What’s Next Teacher? With Julie Warner

June 2022

Today I talk with Matthew Woods, administrator, children's book author, adjunct professor, speaker, and consultant about how to find and create opportunities in education outside of the classroom.

Matthew has worn many hats in the education space: high school social studies teacher, middle and high school assistant principal, middle school principal, and director of student support services. In addition to his K-12 work, Matthew has also served as an adjunct professor and field instructor at the collegiate level for student-teachers.

In this episode we talk about the unexpected benefits of networking and Matt's advice for pursuing your passions beyond the classroom.

Check out Matt's awesome K-12 podcast Leading Out the Woods and his children's book series I Wanna Be… , starring his one year old son imagining different occupations he would like to grow up to be.

Keep an eye out for Matt's forthcoming leadership book The Sandbox Mentality: Empowering Leadership.

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Keynote Speaker: Valor & Grace Literacy Cove's 2nd Annual Summer Series

May 2022

I was invited to kickoff the 2nd Annual Summer Series for Valor & Grace Literacy Cove. I read one of my children's books to the kids, and signed copies of them that Valor & Grace purchased for the participants.

Melody's Bookchat

May 2022

I was invited on Melody McAllister's book chat show to talk about my children's book series, 'I Wanna Be...'

#Growthmindset Twitter Chat

May 2022

In collaboration with Rutgers University Alternate Route Graduate School of Education, I co-facilitated a Twitter chat on #GrowthMindset chat on Saturday, May 7th at 10AM (EST). We were joined by nearly 300 teaching candidates, many of whom are very eager to have their thoughts validated or their questions answered.

2022 Teachers of Promise Institute

March 2022

Was a mentor for a group of Teachers of Promise Mentees, & also presented during a breakout session.

Unapologetic Leadership: Relationship Goals

March 2022

Matt Woods shares his insights on the importance of relationships. He also shares his work and the impact of a book series “I wanna be…”

Authentic (Whole Child) Communication

February 2022

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” When we talk about meeting the needs of all students and addressing the 'Whole-Child', it first starts with the way we are communicating with them. This session given at the "Washington State ASCD Whole Child Institute" leads participants on reflection and analysis of their processes and procedures for interacting with their students on a daily basis.

Meet Hilton! Learn the Story of Matthew Woods' Book Series "I Wanna Be..."

February 2022

Our own EL ('21) Mathew Woods has developed and published a unique children's book series "I Wanna Be..." Join Matthew to learn about the inspiration for the series, the stories Hilton encounters, and how this book can be a fantastic resource for educators and parents alike to inspire children to dream big!

'Stop Lowering Expectations'

January 2022

Educating Children of Color Summit (2022)

January 2022

Teachable Moments: Restorative Discipline

Matt will lead participants in examining the ways they can build-in restorative procedures within their current discipline practices to support inclusiveness for all students to be successful.

Family & Community Engagement Mastermind Circle

August 2021 through December 2021

I was a facilitator for several Mastermind Circles. Successful Innovations was the host for these Mastermind Circles as well as the FACE (family & community engagement) network. The purpose of the FACE Mastermind Circles is to support educators with ideas, strategies, goals, & challenges related to family engagement.

VASCD Annual Conference (2021)

December 2021

Presented the following presentation below:

Title-> Leading Out The Woods: Building Relationships

Tony Dungy once said, “No excuses. No explanation. You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution.” This professional development focuses on facilitating self-reflection, and analysis of key concepts that leaders should be mindful of when modeling equitable practices for building positive relationships with all stakeholders.

Diversity Training for Adjunct Faculty members at Elizabethtown College

November 2021 & January 2022

In support of the College’s continued commitment to development of a culture that fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance for all, we wish to make you aware of a timely professional development opportunity on diversity that has been designed specifically for adjunct faculty members. The session will be offered next Wednesday, November 17th at 5:00 pm via Zoom.

All adjunct faculty members teaching spring semester 2022 and beyond will be expected to complete this professional development session. If you are unable to attend the session scheduled next week, please be on the lookout for additional information about a session to be scheduled in early January 2022.

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Keynote Speaker: UnisonEDU Conference

October 2021

Matthew will discuss the four guiding principles behind his ‘Sandbox Mentality’, & explain how they can be used to engage in ‘calculated risks’ when integrating edtech tools for student and school improvement.

Presenter @ 2021 National Engagement Summit

October 2021

Presenter at the 2021 National Engagement Summit. Presentation focused on building relationships with stakeholders and establishing operational systems for building capacity.

Presenter at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School

September 2021

Had a great time speaking with the amazing staff at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School this afternoon during their in-service workshop.

2021 Code Breaker Summer Camp

August 2021

I was one of the invited speakers/presenters for this event.

In-Service PD at ALMS

August 2021

Had the good fortune of being able to present to the amazing staff at Andrew Lewis Middle School (Salem, VA) during their in-service workshop.

Invited Speaker

August 2021

Invited by the Principal & staff at Glen Cove Elementary School during their In-Service Meetings to lead a professional development session about relationships.

My EdTech Life: I Wanna Be...

July 2021

Guest on Alfonzo Mendonza's show. Discussed my education journey, leadership, and book series called 'I Wanna Be...'

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