Diversity Training for Adjunct Faculty members at Elizabethtown College

November 2021 & January 2022

In support of the College’s continued commitment to development of a culture that fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance for all, we wish to make you aware of a timely professional development opportunity on diversity that has been designed specifically for adjunct faculty members. The session will be offered next Wednesday, November 17th at 5:00 pm via Zoom.

All adjunct faculty members teaching spring semester 2022 and beyond will be expected to complete this professional development session. If you are unable to attend the session scheduled next week, please be on the lookout for additional information about a session to be scheduled in early January 2022.

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Keynote Speaker: UnisonEDU Conference

October 2021

Matthew will discuss the four guiding principles behind his ‘Sandbox Mentality’, & explain how they can be used to engage in ‘calculated risks’ when integrating edtech tools for student and school improvement.

Presenter @ 2021 National Engagement Summit

October 2021

Presenter at the 2021 National Engagement Summit. Presentation focused on building relationships with stakeholders and establishing operational systems for building capacity.

Presenter at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School

September 2021

Had a great time speaking with the amazing staff at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School this afternoon during their in-service workshop.

2021 Code Breaker Summer Camp

August 2021

I was one of the invited speakers/presenters for this event.

In-Service PD at ALMS

August 2021

Had the good fortune of being able to present to the amazing staff at Andrew Lewis Middle School (Salem, VA) during their in-service workshop.

Invited Speaker

August 2021

Invited by the Principal & staff at Glen Cove Elementary School during their In-Service Meetings to lead a professional development session about relationships.

My EdTech Life: I Wanna Be...

July 2021

Guest on Alfonzo Mendonza's show. Discussed my education journey, leadership, and book series called 'I Wanna Be...'

ISTE TEN Spark Summit

June 2021

Invited to present/lead a breakout session.

Keynote Speaker: Roanoke County Public Schools Administrative Retreat

June 2021

Invited to speak & lead several activities with Roanoke County Public Schools administrators at their Administrative Retreat.

Weekly StoryTime by CoraKids (#2)

June 2021

I read my latest children's book, 'I Wanna Be... A Software Developer'. Additionally, I gave my Top 3 Tips to Encourage Summer Reading w/ your child.

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2021 Equity & Engagement Academy (Conference)

April 2021

I was able to participate in the following capacities: presenter for a session (Belief Check), & as a panelist contributor (Panel Discussion: A Focus on Equity).

Chat w/ Pre-Service Teachers (Ferrum College)

April 2021

Spoke w/ the EDU-312 Content Literacy class this morning at Ferrum College about current conditions in schools & adjusting to the ‘new norm’.

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Episode #26: Leading For Equity Requires Us To Ask For Feedback

April 2021

Feedback is the director of change and progress. That's why Matthew Woods, a classroom teacher turned administrator, is so passionate about helping other educators integrate processes that encourage constant feedback in their school culture. Tune in as we go over equity, perceptions, conflict resolution, and much more!

ISTE’s Ten Things in Ten Minutes

April 2021

@ISTE Teacher Education Network Monthly Podcast - ‘Ten Things in Ten Minutes

Internalize the Buzzwords (webinar sponsored by VASCD)

March 2021

Webinar sponsored by VASCD in collaboration with their brief ‘Creating a Culture of Respect’. http://www.vascd.org

Accelerating Learning Guide: 5 Strategies for Moving Students Forward

Feb 2021

Had the opportunity to contribute to this article: “Accelerating Learning Guide: 5 Strategies for Moving Students Forward”

Alumni Virtual Event: Support for Parents of School Age Children

Feb 2021

Alumni panelists Tressa Moore '04, Aundrea Smiley '07, and Matt Woods '11, along with our Director of Alumni & Family Programs Tracy Holley '96, will discuss ways to assist those who are balancing full- or part-time employment along with their children's virtual learning in addition to oridnary life responsibilities. The panelists will discuss coping strategies and help connect group members to foster support.

Creating Equity in Your Sandbox

Feb 2021

Speaking Engagement at the University of Lynchburg. I discussed the four guiding principles behind my ‘Sandbox Mentality’, & explained how they can be used to engage in ‘calculated risks’ for student and school improvement related to equity.

It’s About Servant Leadership w/ Matthew Woods! (ReflectED Podcast)

Feb 2021

Matt talks about Owning the Role, Empathy, Relationships, and his biggest influences.

Tip Tuesday: How to Navigate New Technologies

Feb 2021

In Episode 7 of our Tip Tuesday video series, educator and podcaster Matthew Woods provides us with tips for navigating new technologies, including being open to change and maximizing resources. As technology continues to evolve, educators have to modify their instructional practices to utilize these changing tech resources. Watch the video above to hear all of Matthew’s tips!

Weekly StoryTime by CoraKids

Jan 2021

Matthew Woods author of the Leading Out the Woods series reads I Wanna Be ... A Meteorologist on #WeeklyStoryTime with #CORAkids

Tip Tuesday: How to Promote Equity in Your Classroom

Nov 2020

Had the opportunity to share my Top 3 tips for promoting equity in classrooms on the GoGuardian network.

Top 3 Tips for “Engagement & Differentiation in the Virtual Setting": VASCD New Teacher Network.

Nov 2020

VASCD New Teacher Network let me share my Top 3 Tips for “Engagement & Differentiation in the Virtual Setting" on their November Newsletter for Virginia first-year teachers.