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Overview of Coaching Modules


Module Length: 1 - 1.5 Hours

Tailored based on goals &
Traits of participants.
(i.e. instructional coach, assistant principal, etc.)

Modules can be face to face
or remote

The modules below are available as of 4/10/21. Please reach out to me to check on the latest

Coaching Module #1: Reflection on your Skills & Experiences

Key Points Covered->

● Identification of skills & experiences that participants currently have

● Identify the skills and experiences needed to be a successful AP

● Examine 3 case studies involving leaders who applied their skills in situations they were initially ‘unprepared’ for at that moment

Coaching Module #2: Analyze current administration and school-needs

Key Points Covered->

● Breakdown the 3 different categories that house this information

● Review job descriptions to look for items related to the school’s needs

● Role Play- Examine community resources and an improvement plan (case study)

through the lens of an administrator

Coaching Module #3: Identify the main items needed to be a successful administrator

(this one is tailored for anyone of the following cohorts -> aspiring instructional coaches,

assistant principals, principals, and/or central office designees)

Key Points Covered->

● Discuss the ‘Prime’ Pillars of a Successful {insert cohort name}

● Complete either a mock case study and/or performance task related to the cohort

(instructor facilitates and provides feedback)

Coaching Module #4: Interview Questions & Performance Activity

Key Points Covered->

● Discussion about the types of artifacts needed for interviews

● Breakdown & analyze performance activities

● Practice Interview Questions

Coaching Module #5: Master Scheduling

Key Points Covered->

● Why is scheduling so important?

● The foundation blocks of a master schedule

● Build your own

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